Message from Engineers

“Tying composite technologies together and offering them to our customers”

We would like to continually play an even greater role that can offer our pleasure to those who are to be involved in our products. On the other hand, however, it is becoming harder for us to continue to be able to sufficiently respond to the needs of a world that is changing at breakneck speed and on a timely basis through our efforts alone.

Under such circumstances, however, we have the firm conviction that we are able to keep our customers who are in relationship with us pleased.

The reason is that the essence of the quality of the technologies we own is the power to combine materials and technologies.
Putting individual quality materials and technologies that have different characteristics together and aligning the directions toward the target to be reached, thereby tying them into one large solution is the area where we are best.

Thankfully, we are endowed with customers and suppliers throughout the world. The result is that we could share many properties through the honor of such acquaintances.

We will be continuing to grow by sublimation into further flexible and robust capabilities as we continue to add and skillfully utilize such properties, and through such activities, we are fully determined to do our utmost best on a daily basis to the fields of manufacturing throughout the world.

“Tying composite technologies together and offering them to our customers”