Message from the President

“Wishing to be continually involved in the development of advanced products together with all partners throughout the world”

We at Wavelock Advanced Technology Co., Ltd., are involved in the manufacturing and marketing of metallic decorative films where the special film laminating technology is utilized, base materials for medical sheets for plaster where the special printing technology is utilized, and tear tapes for easy opening of packing materials. All of these products are based on technologies that have been accumulated for many years in the Wavelock group. Differentiated final products can be completed by combining optimal processing technologies with optimal base materials. To accomplish this, we have been offering distinctive products all around the world not only with the technologies we own, but also through collaborations with our partners throughout the world.

We will continue to work on finding out optimal combinations through cooperation of our partners, thereby making further efforts in the development of advanced products in the future.

Kotaro Shimada President and CEO Kotaro Shimada
President and CEO

“Wishing to be continually challenging new markets irrespective of use applications and fields”

Metallic decorative films are expected as the next-generation materials in the automotive field for their characteristics of radio wave transparency that may contribute to automated driving control technologies, to required weight saving for improved fuel consumption, and further, can contribute to meeting the environmental regulations in Europe and other countries. In addition, our unique coloration technology has realized unprecedented and novel design properties, including deep color characteristics and new plating colors. Regarding the application fields, the markets where the films are employed have been expanding year by year not only to the automotive field, but also to the markets of luggage, motorcycles, and home electric appliances. The films have even acquired the position of the “defacto” standard. In the future, we will continue to challenge ourselves as a team through by working harder to proactively develop new use applications, fixing our eyes on new markets, grasping the predictive information of the markets, and launching new products in the market on a timely basis.

“Wishing to keep trying our absolute hardest with everything”

Because novelty is always demanded for the products we produce, we may not be able to make up our minds while we are groping each day for solutions in an environment where there is no obvious answer or precedent.
I had an opportunity when I was a student to share a house with cosmopolitan people in a certain field. They were used to being well prepared to achieve an outcome, repeatedly analyzing the cause if a desired outcome was not achieved, and spent all their time in practices based on analysis and results, always thought and took actions to avidly find the optimal solution as a result. Watching these behaviors as a student, I felt the challenge of competing on a worldwide level, and their insatiable desire to continue to seek results.
We have a long way to go before we become the number-one position in the world. However, I think we should continue to work harder so that we can offer advanced technology, products, and services as many as possible to the world markets under the motto "We will perform tasks which move us tears, whether those tears are of joy or of bitter disappointment."